Aura Cacia Essential Oil - Brightening Sweet Orange - 2 oz
Pressed from the peels of ripe oranges sweet orange essential oil is like a burst of sunshine on a fresh summer day. Sweet orange oil will lift your spirits brighten your mood and refresh the air around you. Sweet oranges gentle clarifying nature cheers the heart and brightens the mood. Diffuse it often to maintain a wholesome positively charged atmosphere.Botanical Name: Citrus sinensisColor: Orange-yellow dark orange or olive-orange or occasionally brownish orange Viscosity: MobileTop Note: Refreshing sweet citrus Middle Note: Sweet fresh fruity-aldehydic Dry Note: Bitter-sweet dry citrus Aromatherapy Actions: Uplifting refreshing cheering Safety Data: Skin irritant. Avoid use in sun. Regulatory Status: GRAS 182.20 Origin: United StatesProcessing Notes: Essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the peels (pericarp) of fruits.Common Name: Orange SweetPlant Part: Fruit PeelForm: Essential Oil
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