Siddha Flower Essences Sleep - 1 fl oz
Sleep is not meant to knock you out like a sleeping pill and its effectiveness increases with usage and time. Unlike pharmaceuticals that produce instant but short term results Sleep is designed to gradually release the stress and anxiety that prevents you from falling asleep naturally. There may be a short period where the amount of stress being released causes difficulty in falling asleep. If this condition persists taking it in the morning may be more effective allowing the body to release the stress that prevents it from naturally shifting into sleep. Taking Sleep in the middle of the day will not cause sudden drowsiness (unless substantial sleep deprivation is a factor). Rather it will encourage relaxation and calmness throughout the day. In the beginning Sleep may sometimes cause one to wake up in the middle of the night. Another dose is usually just what is needed to fall back asleep. Morning grogginess after taking Sleep may be an indication that you just need more sleep. Unfortunately getting as much sleep as our bodies need is not always possible. However this product should help in finding a balance between restful sleep and productive days. Many women who are experiencing hormonal shifts such as during menopause find that Female Balance helps them sleep better than Sleep. Temporarily relieves symptoms of: Occasional sleeplessness Agitated sleep Sleeplessness from mental exertion Drowsiness during day Anxious dreams Persistent unwanted thoughts Indications are based on homeopathic materia medica not clinical tests.
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